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the walrus
did u know?

here's a little about me.


fuckin afgan is goin the fuck down!!!


*fav movies-saving silverman, billy madison, tommy boy, black sheep, me myself and irene, happy gillmore, big daddy, remember the titans, 61, blue streak, road trip, the pest, any given sunday, freddy got fingered, half baked, pulp fiction, american pie, american pie 2, rush hour 2, unbreakable, ready to rumble, office space, ace ventura:pet detective, dogma, clerks, mallrats, jay and silent bob strike back, the big lebowski

*fav tv shows-everybody loves raymond, sportscenter, daria, simpsons, family guy, the tom green show, jackass, malcom in the middle, boston public, saturday night live, madd tv...

*music i like-:blink 182, limp bizkit, sum 41, jurassic 5, beastie boys, alien ant farm, outkast, eminem, offspring, incubus, dream(incredibly hot)...

*i play the bass guitar, i luv sports, i luv music, and i like 2 just chill whenever and wherever the need arrises.

*i have lots of sns but im usually on

*u can also email me at

or u can send me a text message on my cell at

at you can take quizes and find out a lot about yourself...i found out that i am:

*34% bastard on the bastard test(thats good)

*28% gay on the gay test(and no its not possible to get a 0%)

*26% is my level of stress on the stress test(i think its should be much higher)

*58% pure on the purity a pretty pure guy, lol!

*62% is the rateing of my ass onthe ass test...i guess that means i have a nice ass but i already knew that.

*73% smart on the un-intelligent test

*also, on the death test i found out that on January 8, 2065 at the age of 79 years old i am going to die of cancer...hooray i look 4ward 4 this day...

Also, on the personality test i got this result...Like just 3% of the population you are a PROBER (DICF)--curious, passionate, driven, and probing. You're the kind of person who can't leave well enough alone. You have a very strong personality and a sense of adventure. And you'd rather go out and experience things for yourself than take someone else's word for it. Some people probably think you're a maniac. People have a hard time believing you're an intelligent person. Perhaps there's a reason for this? Time will tell.