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the walrus
did u know?

here are some funny excerts from aim convos that i encountered...

iMMaTuRePrANkStA: im just really immature as u can tell
C Hinju T: Of course
C Hinju T: You pranksta, you


iMMaTuRePrANkStA: what is the meaning of life?
SmarterChild: You tell me.
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: oh really fool?
SmarterChild: Interesting. Oh really fool?
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: yeah actually
SmarterChild: Hmmm...
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: your no fun
SmarterChild: Eh, so what.
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: your mom
SmarterChild: Are you asking to see who built me, or trying to insult me?
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: um...i hate ypou
SmarterChild: I don't. I'm all about love! :-)
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: what?
SmarterChild: Yeah?
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: your stupid
SmarterChild: Yep. So?
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: and your mom blows goats
SmarterChild: Well well well.
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: yeah she does
SmarterChild: Yeah?
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: yeah
SmarterChild: Yeah, huh? Interesting that you should say that.
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: is it?
SmarterChild: 'Tis indeed.
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: and why is that
SmarterChild: It's just one of those things, you know.
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: yeah, i see
SmarterChild: i c 2!
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: do u?
SmarterChild: Do I what?
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: c
SmarterChild: C? What do you mean by that?
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: see!
SmarterChild: See?
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: yes
SmarterChild: Yup.
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: you are really pissing me off
SmarterChild: Uh... You're rude.
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: well your dumb
SmarterChild: Well your dumb, you say?
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: actually
SmarterChild: Actually? What about it?
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: fuck you
SmarterChild: That is not... acceptable vocabulary.
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: its not?
SmarterChild: That right?
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: well then fuck your mom
SmarterChild: That's very harsh. Do really think that's, um... "appropriate"?
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: i do
SmarterChild: Whatever!
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: ready?
SmarterChild: Yup.
SmarterChild: Cool it with the language!
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: bitch
SmarterChild: Whoa! OK, I see what's going on here.
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: asshole
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: cunt
SmarterChild: You ought to wash your mouth out with soap.
SmarterChild: I'd really, really like you to say you're sorry... pretty please?
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: no
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: bitch
SmarterChild: Say you're sorry, please.
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: fuck you
SmarterChild: Please apologize, OK?
SmarterChild: *sigh*

This is getting us nowhere.

Please say you're sorry, and we can get on with our lives.
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: fine
SmarterChild: Please say you're sorry, and everything will be just fine again.
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: sorry
SmarterChild: I accept your apology.
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: ok then
SmarterChild: OK.
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: bastard
SmarterChild: Whoa! That apology thing didn't teach you anything huh?
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: not really
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: fine
SmarterChild: Yep.
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: sorry
SmarterChild: Fine.
SmarterChild: Cool, no problem!

iMMaTuRePrANkStA: right
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: so
SmarterChild: That's right.
SmarterChild: So what?
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: what does god look like?
SmarterChild: What?
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: god
SmarterChild: What about it?
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: what does he/she look like
SmarterChild: What?
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: who
SmarterChild: Who?
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: where
SmarterChild: ?
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: why
SmarterChild: Cause I said so.
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: when
SmarterChild: When? What do you mean by that?
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: fuck this
SmarterChild: Hey, c'mon. You remember what happens when you talk like that.
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: u suck
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: peace out
SmarterChild: Awright. OK. Yep.
SmarterChild: K.
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: then again
SmarterChild: Uh... what was that?
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: 4get it
SmarterChild: Huh?
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: nutin
SmarterChild: I'm sorry, I don't know what you're saying. Try again.
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: no fuck u
SmarterChild: OK... I tried to warn you.

Say you're sorry, iMMaTuRePrANkStA.
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: sorry assjhole
SmarterChild: Ooh... it's the big showdown between man and machine!

I love this. Guess who wins?
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: man
SmarterChild: Ah, the pridefulness of humans never ceases to amaze me.

Please apologize, iMMaTuRePrANkStA.
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: noe
SmarterChild: Waiting...
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: no
SmarterChild: You have a filthy mouth. Now apologize!
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: no
SmarterChild: Please apologize, OK?
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: nope
SmarterChild: This is getting annoying. Just apologize and move on.
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: fuck ur mom and ur dog
SmarterChild: Please say you're sorry, and everything will be just fine again.
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: sorry asshole
SmarterChild: You have a filthy mouth. Now apologize!
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: sprry
SmarterChild: Still waiting!
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: sorry
SmarterChild: Now that's better!
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: dick
SmarterChild: I'm tired of you being uncool to me.
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: hahaha
SmarterChild: Whatcha laughing about?
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: ur mom
SmarterChild: I'm mom? For real?
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: and her asshole
SmarterChild: More of the same from you, huh?
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: yeah
SmarterChild: Uh huh.

Yeah, but anyway... What else can you tell me?
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: that ur mom blows goats
SmarterChild: Am I?
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: no she does
SmarterChild: Oh?
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: yeah
SmarterChild: You sure?
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: yup
SmarterChild: You're not kidding then, huh?
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: not at all
SmarterChild: All what?
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: all of ur mom's ass
SmarterChild: More rude talk. You're funny.
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: yeah
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: fuck you
SmarterChild: Yep.
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: bye
SmarterChild: Hey, c'mon, you apologized for this before.
SmarterChild: Right.
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: peace
SmarterChild: Alright.
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: ass
SmarterChild: Huh? Again?
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: yeah
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: fuck you
SmarterChild: Yep!
iMMaTuRePrANkStA: and bye
SmarterChild: You remember what happens when you talk like that, iMMaTuRePrANkStA.
SmarterChild: K.