How We Came To Be


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Band Backround...how we origionated(began in lamence terms)

thus the epic tale begins henceforth...

since sean, aka skinhead, is the oldest and most mature *cough* it must have all started way back when, when skinhead's parents decided to have a kid. skinhead was the first of 3 children. mamma and papa skinhead popped out a couple more lata on but thats a whole other story. anyway, skinhead moved around a lot through his early childhood and switched schools many times...he eventually wound up at barnstable academy. he awkwardly sat in the back of the bus on the way to school on his very first day on friday the 7th of september of 2001. since he didnt know anybody, he just sat there quietly twidleing his thumbs cautiously trying not to bother anybody. at school was no different...until the story officialy began. on monday, skinhead sat on the bus once again, but this time he knew some people that he had met on the first day and began to stir up conversations with people. one of these charecters was zach, aka prettyboy, who gets on the bus at the same stop as skinhead. since the 2 are alone for a little while, being the first stop and all, they start to talk. skinhead soon finds out that prettyboy plays the drums. fantastic he thinks to himself. skinhead then proceeds to explain that he plays the bass. avi, aka cozmo, gets on the very same bus, however much later. he is one of the last few stops. quickly skinhead finds out that cozmo plays the guitar bass and drums and has a friend named scott, aka zero, who plays guitar. cozmo then tells skinhead about how zero has a studio in his attic and they have messed around and recorded some stuff and that they want to start a band. skinhead quickly jumps at the chance to join a band, as does the afore mentioned prettyboy. the band has now been formed...4 guys...2 guitarists...1 bassist...1 drumer...and 1 sweet sweet ass band. by wednesday, screen names have been exchanged. wednesday night 3 of the band members converge online at the same time (4 minus prettyboy because hes to pretty to be online). their 3-way disscussion is mostly about choosing a band name. zero suggests "down in flames". skinhead quickly shrugs this idea off saying that it is already taken and he wants to be origional. skinhead remembers an old chum tellin him a good idea for a band name..."unborn children"...remembering the idea of origionality he shrugs it off. he embarks on a journy of enlightening pondering throughout his house for ideas. he begins to reenter his room disappointed when he notices a sign on his door...it reads "sorry...we are closed". skinhead now has a big lightbulb above his little bald head. he thinks to himself and eventually he comes up with OFB...Open For Business!!! he sits down at his computer turns it on and im's both cozmo and zero explaining to them his brilliant enlightenment. they instantly love the idea...skinhead proceeds to embark on the next logical step which would of course be to design a cd cover. the picture that is on the home page for this site is wat he came up with...pretty damn good, eh? well cozmo and zero once again loved it! they applauded skinheads ingenious creativity. prettyboy was filled in on the days happenings the following day at school...by the way have i mentioned how pretty prettyboy is? the 4 men all converged on massive high fives twords a job well done. skinhead then set up this site later in the week and got an email address for the band to use and each member band screen names for band use. we are spreading and growing very rapidly all accross the nation, spread the word! thats all folks!!! thats the end of our pathetic little story...or is it?

this is now the second saga...its kinda like a sequal. anywayz, the 4 are now 3...prettyboy turned out to b much to pretty for our virgin eyes 2 handle so we booted his pretty ass. ne complaints?!? dint think so. nevertheless, avi will now b playin the drums so do not fret we will still rock on and OFB will live to see another day. peace.