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Recent band news will be frequently posted here...check back in often!

*9/25-i added some pics from the recording studio and put up an mp3
*9/24-i,skinhead, shitted out a song in skool 2day...it is called ex-girlfriend and it rules. we are gonna record it and put an mp3 of it up soon enough...peace!
*9/23-nuttin happened 2day at all...wat an exciting day!
*9/22-OFB went to a recording studio today...we took some pics of our good times and we made a demo tape...the pics will be posted by tuesday and the tape will hopefully be uploaded by wednesday at the latest.
*9/21-no news is good news...right?
*9/20-i added some pics 2day
*9/19-i changed the front page logo today...hope u like! i also just realized that the first letters in each of our names spell out ASS(Avi Sean Scott) pretty funny. eh?
*9/18-i added the guest book in the wee hours of the morning and fixed some kinks in the hits counter...one song has lyrics posted now...check it out! also, prettyboy is out of business...lol!
*9/17-we r currently in the process of making our first cd..."sorry...we are open"
*9/16-very sexy site if i do say so myself...still a work in progress
*9/15-the site is coming along quite well
*9/14-the site was begun today