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and then there were 3...

scott(aka zero):guitar and vocals
the origional american zero...mr zero to you. He's a freshman and he's 15 years old. scott's from englewood, nj. he's quite stoked to be playing in OFB! ROCK ON!!!!!

sean(aka skinhead):bass and vocals
this would be me...i made this damn site and it rules! eh? im 16 and im a junior. i live in new providence, nj! represent!

avi(aka cozmo):drums
the magnificent and remarkable avi...what more can be said about this guy! He's a freshman in highschool and he's 15 years old. avi is from north caldwell, nj.

DISCLAIMER:the aforementioned reference to "skinhead" is a nickname and only a nickname...it is not a reference to the group of mofos who kill jews and black people. it is a reference to seans very very bald head and that is all. there are no hidden meanings behind this nickname so please do not be offended...hey...sean, avi, and scott are all jews and we dont mind the nickname so neither should you...peace!